About Rebel Makers

Rebel Makers is a network of peer-to-peer making clubs open to anyone with an interest in technology – regardless of age, ability or background.

We are confronting a skills gap by encouraging and enabling people to explore the digital world through skill sharing and collaboration.

Our Clubs welcome people of all ages and skill levels into an open, informal learning space to share and experiment with digital; enabling everyone to grow in experience and confidence while building a strong, diverse community.

Rebel Makers Clubs meet at least once a month to give you the chance to exchange skills and share knowledge. Every Club gives you the opportunity to work on your own project, form a team to bring your idea to life, or simply experiment with cool tech alongside awesome, like-minded people.

Perhaps most importantly, Rebel Makers belongs to the Rebels! We believe in running democratically, creating a community in which everyone has autonomy and a chance to shape the future of their Club. You will always be asked for ideas and feedback to ensure Rebel Makers is a true reflection of our community.

What do we mean by a Rebel?

A “Rebel” is the name we give to every person attending a Rebel Makers programme. We don’t make distinctions based on age, ability or traditional roles such as mentor or participant. We do this to ensure our Clubs are democratic, collaborative spaces.

All Rebels are created equal, but some have more responsibility than others…

Every Club has at least one Rebel who assumes the role of “Club Leader”. The Club Leader is the main point of contact, and the person responsible for the organising and safe running of the Club. This includes the distribution and enforcement of all safeguarding procedures to ensure a safe Club for everyone.

Our Ethos

In creating Rebel Makers, Rebel Labs have made a commitment to providing a fun, free and safe environment for everyone to explore technology, in the hope that this will lead to positive experiences and opportunities for all.

Rebel Makers is committed to:

  • empowering people of all ages to learn and try new things
  • enabling people of all ages to share their skills to help others learn
  • building networks that will lead to new friendships and opportunities

It is vital that this community remain open to everyone. Our total belief in age, skills and experience agnostic Clubs has already begun to foster a diverse community that has implications far beyond digital skills; growing the tolerance, understanding and confidence of Rebels.

In our commitment to “playing, learning and building for everyone”, we have found that segmenting by age or skill level is not necessary to create a strong peer network where everyone is enabled to realise and explore their ambitions.